Whiteboard Animation Writer Shows His Skill to Produce Videos That Sell

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Whiteboard Animation Video Scribe Rivets Audience’s Attention

I’m a script writer and producer for whiteboard animation videos. These are also called video scribes.

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Whiteboard animation or video scribing is a type of doodling. It illustrates characters, scenes and objects. When used with voiceover and/or music, white board animation is one of the most cost effective ways to communicate your story through video. Plus these whiteboard animation videos can engage your audience to any message. This is because because they show a hand drawing the whiteboard animation. And people love to watch someone else draw. The key is to have a persuasive writer to write your script.

I created this whiteboard animation to show you the story of how my copywriting services can help you grow your sales.

Do you have a whiteboard animator or video scribe writer on your team? Wouldn’t it be great to have a copywriter to write copy for video scribes that sells your products and services?


Jeff Traister
“It's unusual to work with someone who remains creative and clear-headed in the wake of production difficulties, critical deadlines and legal headaches. Your leadership was constant, your enthusiasm encouraging and your direction clear and succinct...Even with a limited marketing budget, you consistently found ways to promote, gain national distribution and be recognized in a sea of multi-million dollar product launches. No new product launch is simple, not in today's marketplace, but to be able to place your product in major hub airports around the country and have it move off the shelves with virtually no promotional dollars to support it, is true marketing savvy. Proof that you don't need a hefty budget to get a new product to market. You probably could write a book or at the very least a good article on "How to launch a new product in today's marketplace with a limited budget.”


Supercharge Your Marketing With a Copywriter You Can Trust

I’m a persuasive sales writer. I specialize in writing copy that compels readers to buy from you.

You see the words you present to your audience can have a big impact on their purchase decision. That’s why a freelance copywriter whom you can trust to deliver copy that sells is an asset.  So I can help you boost your sales no matter what your next marketing project may be.

Perhaps you need a bold new idea or a sales letter to increase your sales.

Or maybe you need a unique direct mail or email campaign to promote a new product.

Or you may want to promote your services with a video.

You may even want your content marketing to have a fresh new start.

No matter what your marketing goals are, I’m confident I can help you achieve them.


Copywriting Services Tailored For Your Needs

You’re in good company when you ask Jeff Traister to write your copy. Some of the biggest and most successful global B2C and B2B companies in many industries…as well as start-ups…call on my services when they need copywriting that sells. Shouldn’t you?

So call Jeff Traister for your next marketing project. You’ll get a writer who can come up with a BIG IDEA and tailor the copy to fit your company needs. So the number of your customers can grow. And your sales can go higher.


Your Superhero For Copywriting That Sells

All it takes is one call to Jeff Traister. So you can skyrocket your sales to new heights with copy that sells.

Get Results On Your Next Project.
Call 561-228-1600.

http://www.traistercreative.com Jeff Traister Your Superhero For Copywriting That Sells

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