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Diet and Weight Loss Copywriter Persuades Audience To Buy New Product

I’m a diet and weight loss copywriter. I write copy for weight loss products. I wrote the copy of this advertisement. It was featured in leading managed care, insurance and healthcare related publications. At the time many insurers did not see obesity as a disease. This ad helped to raise awareness of the clinical and economic factors associated with overweight and obesity. Click here to see the obesity ad.

As a diet and weight loss copywriter I write copy to sell products that help people become thinner. I write copy for marketing such as ads, letters, emails and more.

Do you have a diet and weight loss copywriter on your team? Wouldn’t it be great to have a writer to write copy that sells your products and services?

Supercharge Your Marketing With a Copywriter You Can Trust

I’m a persuasive sales writer. I specialize in writing copy that compels readers to buy from you.

You see the words you present to your audience can have a big impact on their purchase decision. That’s why a freelance copywriter whom you can trust to deliver copy that sells is an asset.  So I can help you boost your sales no matter what your next marketing project may be.

Perhaps you need a bold new idea or a sales letter to increase your sales.

Or maybe you need a unique direct mail or email campaign to promote a new product.

Or you may want to promote your services with a video.

You may even want your content marketing to have a fresh new start.

No matter what your marketing goals are, I’m confident I can help you achieve them.


Copywriting Services Tailored For Your Needs

You’re in good company when you ask Jeff Traister to write your copy. Some of the biggest and most successful global B2C and B2B companies in many industries…as well as start-ups…call on my services when they need copywriting that sells. Shouldn’t you?

So call Jeff Traister for your next marketing project. You’ll get a writer who can come up with a BIG IDEA and tailor the copy to fit your company needs. So the number of your customers can grow. And your sales can go higher.


Jeff Traister
“Jeff is imaginative, has the ability to think through to the end the potential benefits and pitfalls of the strategy at hand and is tenacious and focused on the task at hand. With these qualities he was able to develop a production, advertising and marketing strategy for his companies' products and effectively bring them to market.”


Jeff Traister
“I would like to recommend Jeffrey Traister to you as an expert on Nutritional Medicine. Jeffrey spoke on a recent radio program with me and the response to him was excellent. He speaks clearly and is very well organized. Because of Jeffrey’s excellent training in Nutritional Medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Institute of Human Nutrition, he has good credibility. His communication skills and stage presence are excellent so I am sure he would greatly enhance any seminar or public program he was part of. Take it from me, Jeffrey’s good.”


Your Superhero For Copywriting That Sells

All it takes is one call to Jeff Traister. So you can rocket your revenues to new heights with copy that sells.

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