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Travel Copywriter Writes Copy For New Jet Lag Product

I’m a travel copywriter. I wrote the strategic marketing plan to launch a new product for travelers called Arize!. The nutritional supplement contained melatonin. This substance is a hormone that helps travelers adjust to time-zone changes from jet lag faster than normal. The strategy included prominent packaging and an in-store display. It also featured a customized greeting card with a sound chip of an airplane taking off that we sent to executives of store chains in airports and hotels.

Within a few months of launch we distributed the product nationwide in airports and hotels. These stores included WH Smith, Paradies, Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Hilton and Marriott. And many of these stores placed the product by the cash register since the packaging caused impulse buying. Click here to see the promotion samples for Arize!

As a travel copywriter I write copy that sells. I write copy for sales letters, ads, websites and more.

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Jeff Traister
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Jeff Traister
“Jeffrey has the natural ability to gain and keep his audience’s attention, and demonstrated his expertise in nutrition, nutritional medicine & pharmacology, and health and disease. He was well organized, covered material thoroughly and emphasized the practical and clinical nature of what he discussed...Jeffrey is in a position of being able to present important information to the public – which can easily be construed as being vital to the health and well-being of every human being in understanding how to help themselves be healthier and free from disease with proper nutrition.”


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