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I’m Jeff Traister, a persuasive sales writer. I specialize in writing copy for your marketing that compels readers to buy from you.

Clients worldwide express confidence and trust in my writing to sell their products and services.

I’m confident you’ll enjoy the results my copywriting services can bring to your company.

Copywriting Services You Can Trust

Your Source For New Ideas

Introducing a Copywriter With Superpowers To Compel Your Audience To Buy Your Products

Copywriting is an “idea” profession. It starts with a big idea. And it relies on the art of persuasion to connect with readers and convert prospects to buyers. No matter what type of media you may use to communicate with your audience, you must conceive top-quality ideas. And you must use the superpower of persuasion to get results.

That’s where I can help you.

I’m an idea man. I have the talent to visualize and create new concepts. I come up with ideas to overcome challenges and solve problems. This often leads to a unique strategy to get your audience stirred up about your product or service.

When I write for you I’ll conceive a big idea. This idea can yield giant dividends for your business.

I start each project by knowing your audience. I learn about their needs, wants, desires, feelings and beliefs.

Next I gain expertise of your company and the products and services I will write about.

Third, I find the best story about your company and the featured product or service that will appeal to your readers.

Most of all, I use my imagination to invent new ideas to satisfy your readers. My goal is to get them to act – to buy from you.

When you invite me on your team, I’ll deliver quality copy that moves your audience.

Learn more about the types of copywriting services I provide.

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Strategic Planning

Your Success Starts With a Strategic Plan.

A strategic plan defines your business, target audience, product position and competitiveness.

You may have a plan now. But does it produce the results you expect?

That’s where my copywriting services can help. I specialize in creating new strategic ideas that help your company gain and sustain a competitive advantage. I write both business plans and marketing plans.

Business Plans

Your business plan is the most important document you must have to sustain success. It includes your vision of where your company is today and where you expect it to be in three to five years from now. And it includes your strategy on how you expect to reach these goals.

You also need a business plan to attain financing to grow your business. Investors require it. Banks want to see it. And venture capital firms will not talk with you without first reading it.

Have Your Business Plan Ready Before You Run Out Of Working Capital

When you have a well written and persuasive business plan, your chances to attract the funds you need go up. This can save you from days, months or even years of searching for funding. So you can focus on growing your business before you run out of working capital. That’s why my copywriting services can help you.

I have an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the Karl Eller Center for the Private Market Economy at the University of Arizona – the top rated entrepreneurial program in the U.S. at the time. The Association for Corporate Growth awarded me with a full tuition scholarship. I was trained by the best professionals and have experience writing viable business plans.

Two examples of my business plan writing experience include: (client names not disclosed to protect confidential information)

  • $20 million in expansion/pre-IPO financing from venture capital firms and banks – including Fleet Financial Services Group and Morgan Stanley – for an Internet company
  • $ 1million early-stage financing for a new fruit beverage company

Marketing Plans

Your marketing plan defines your target audience, product position and brand image. It also shows the ways you will advertise and promote your products and services to generate sales and increase market share.

Raise Your Sales Confidence With a Strategic Marketing Plan

When you do not have a strategic marketing plan, it’s like you are selling blindfolded. Yet when you have a well-thought-out strategy, your sales come so much faster and easier.

Knowing your target audience – their demographic and psychographic profile – can save you hours of time and thousands or millions of dollars in wasted promotion. Instead you can focus your message on the prospects most likely to buy from you.

Creating the right message for your audience is the secret to converting prospects into customers. But it takes a persuasive sales writer to convey the message that hit the emotional buttons in your audience that get them to act now.

I’ve written many strategic marketing plans. Three examples include:

  • Developed the global marketing position statements for Kimberly-Clark Healthcare
  • Created the marketing strategy to launch a new product for jet lag – Arize!©. Within a few months of launch the product was distributed nationwide in airport stores and hotels that included the Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Hilton and Marriott. And many of these stores placed the product by the cash register because the packaging stimulated impulse buying.
  • Developed the marketing strategy for the launch of a new obesity drug – Xenical© – to be on formulary among the leading health care plans. Plus my ideas influenced the marketing strategies to physicians and consumers.

Plus I created many strategic reports and outlines with creative ideas for impact Unlimited, a leader in exhibit design for conventions. This played a big part in the creative strategies Impact Unlimited proposed and executed for its clients in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Now that you know about my abilities to create and write viable strategic plans, call me and introduce your company. All it takes is one BIG IDEA to rebuild your strategy and increase your sales. And I’m confident that I can conceive this BIG IDEA for you.

Get results on your next strategic project.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation uses server-side software to enable you to integrate and streamline your sales, customer relationship management and communication technology processes. With marketing automation, you are able to customize your sales funnel to convert your leads into customers and get your customers to buy more, more frequently.
http://www.traistercreative.com Jeff Traister Ontraport Certified Consultant - Marketing Automation

Certified Ontraport Consultant
I’m a Certified Ontraport Consultant who can help you develop and execute a marketing automation strategy.

Ontraport is a leading provider of marketing automation for small businesses. The service provides you with many tools to capture, track and respond to your leads and customers. Plus it integrates with a payment gateway so you can sell your products and services online.

Clients I’ve worked with to develop and execute a marketing automation strategy include

I can develop a marketing automation strategy to help you reach your sales goals, perhaps faster and more efficient than you are now!

Plus I can write all of your persuasive copy for emails, SMS text messaging and landing pages. And if you’d like to promote your products and services through Webinars, I’ll help you integrate an automated scheduling and follow-up system to optimize registration and attendance that is integrated with your marketing automation strategy. So you can sell more, faster!

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Direct Response Marketing

Hire the Writer You Can Trust To Deliver Copy That Gets Prospects to Buy From You

Direct response marketing is the most effective way to boost your sales. That’s because direct response marketing closes sales. And today direct response marketing is behind the booming ecommerce market.

Your company can experience soaring sales from direct response marketing when you have the right copywriter on your team. That’s how I can help you – to write persuasive copy that sells.

The heart and soul of direct response marketing is persuasive sales copy. It’s an art and a science.

So don’t leave it to amateurs that lull your audience to sleep.

Instead hire a direct response copywriter you can trust to write copy that can sell your products and services. And I’m the professional copywriter that can do that for you.

My direct response copywriting services include:

  • Direct mail letters
  • Email letters and auto-responders
  • Video sales letters
  • Landing pages
  • Order pages and shopping carts

Every profession has its lineage of superstars who learned from someone great and trained disciples. In philosophy, Socrates trained Plato who in turn trained Aristotle.

I trained from the best copywriters in the world. I’m a member of the American Writers & Artists – the world’s leading organization for professional copywriters. My training in direct marketing includes:

  • AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, by Michael Masterson, Paul Hollingshead, Don Mahoney, et al.
  • Video Sales Letters by Clayton Makepeace
  • Email Copy Made Easy (Auto-responders) by Jay White

Take a look at samples of my work.

  • ArthremTM: I created the copy for the landing page sales letter and the script for the video sales letter in the promotion of this standardized herbal extract of Artemisia annua for joint health.
  • Walter Bond Seminars and Coaching: I write the copy for 2 weekly and 1 bi-weekly email letters promoting peak performance coaching services by Walter Bond. See samples here under latest news
  • VitaMenXY: I wrote the copy for the entire direct mail package. This includes the persuasive sales letter and envelope teaser, lift note and envelope, buck slip, ingredient guide and order device. Click here to see sample of direct mail package.
  • Mellodream©: this was a direct response advertising campaign that included a print advertisement and magazine inserts. Click here to see direct mail sample for Mellodream.
  • Knowing Science Direct Mail Letter: Knowing Science is a start-up educational publisher. This direct mail letter helped Knowing Science land new customers that included school districts throughout the United States. Click here to see sales letter for Knowing Science.
  • Email auto-responders: these are samples of persuasive email letters aimed to get the reader to click the link to a presumed landing page. (the landing page would be a longer persuasive letter that closes the sale of a product or service). Click here for samples of email letters.

I’m confident you’ll get the best copy to compel your audience to buy your products and services.

Get results on your next direct marketing project.

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Website Content

You’ve Got 3 Seconds to Impress. Make Your Copy Sell.

Three seconds is the little time it takes your website visitor to decide whether to stay or leave. So you’ve got to have copy that intrigues them to read on.

I write compelling copy that shows your readers the benefits of your products and services. Unlike copy on your competitors websites that just list features, the copy I write for you is persuasive. So it can compel your audience to take the extra step and contact you or order your products and services from your website.

Examples of website copy I’ve written for clients include:

  • Promisia/ArthremTM; I created the website copy for Promisia in New Zealand for the launch of ArthremTM in the U.S. market. I also customized the design of a premium WordPress theme to give the site an original look-n-feel. Plus I designed and integrated a marketing automation system to track visitors, capture leads and follow-up with leads to convert them into customers. The marketing automation system includes integration with a payment gateway. And as part of the website, I developed a password protected member site and affiliate program.
  • Center for Trauma Counseling;I created the website with a WordPress premium theme for Center for Trauma Counseling in Palm Beach, Florida. I wrote all of the copy and designed the pages and posts with compelling photos and video. The website also includes an automated lead capture and follow up marketing automation system. The website is informative and persuasive. So it benefits both the visitor and host in developing a unique relationship.
  • Go Bites; I wrote copy and health content for Go Bites, an online snack food company. This played a big part in their ecommerce success.
  • Kimberly-Clark Healthcare; I created copy for website on a medical device to deliver nutrition to patients unable to consume food. It was part of a marketing campaign to various types of doctors. The copy I wrote helped to increase product sales worldwide. Click here to see samples of Kimberly-Clark promotional content.
  • MDnet Solutions; I conceived the marketing position statement. Plus I created the copy for the company website to drive sales for their patient care management system. The PCMS includes online marketing and call center services that improve patient satisfaction and reduce healthcare costs throughout the continuum of care. The marketing communication I developed contributes to increases in clients and revenues. Click here to see sample of website content for MDnet Solutions.
  • Wagner Meters: I wrote the copy for a micro-site to promote the use of a new technology for measuring concrete moisture to determine when to install flooring. The website was targeted to architects and engineers. The website copy was part of an integrated campaign that also included a webinar and email letters.
  • Elsevier. I developed the content for a subscriber site on global drug development. It was the first of its kind and most comprehensive resource for investors and managers in the healthcare industry.

Get results on your next website project.

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Automated Webinars

Automate Your Webinars For Bigger Results

Webinars can be one the most productive marketing strategy to generate sales. When you automate your webinars, you can schedule and deliver them at the day and time most convenient to each member of your audience. Plus when you also have a marketing automation system such as Ontraport, you can know who registered, attended and/or saw your offer and who did not. So you can follow up appropriately.

I provide the following webinar services:

  • Create your presentation
  • Set up your automated webinar
  • Integrate your webinar with Ontraport marketing automation system
  • Create email, text and/or voice messages to promote the webinar and follow up afterwards

Here is an example of my webinar project services for Promisia for their launch of ArthremTM in the United States.

Get results on your next webinar project.

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Public Relations

Publicize Your Company to Increased Fame and Fortune

Publicizing your company and its products and services can open doors. In fact, leading your marketing campaign with PR and following with advertising is one of the most cost effective strategies you can do to develop loyal clients. Plus it can help you attract new investors. And it can keep your brand in the news, increasing the value of your company.

I provide the following publicity services:

  • Develop your PR plan
  • Write your press releases
  • Distribute your press releases
  • Create your media kits
  • Develop your online newsroom
  • Conceive novel ideas for story angles and events that publicize your brand
  • Pitch your story to the media for increased publicity

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Advertising Copy

Captivate Your Audience With Persuasive Copy

The quality of your copy affects the outcome of your advertising. Effective advertising captivates your audience, engages them to listen to the message and compels them to act – to buy your products and services.

I write advertising that gets results. My copywriting services includes complete advertisements with an appealing headline, supporting body copy and strong call to action. The types of advertisements I can write for you include:

  • Print
  • Online
  • Video
  • Television
  • Radio

Here are some samples of my work:

Get results on your next advertising project.

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Video & Audio Scripts Plus Whiteboard Animation

Your Company Has a Story That Can Compel Your Audience to Buy From You

I’ve been an aspiring filmmaker my whole life. This is why writing scripts for video or audio is one of my favorite projects.

Writing for video and audio is about storytelling. The more dramatic the story, the more compelling your response can be.

My copywriting services include writing scripts for advertisements, documentaries, success stories and more.

I also create whiteboard animation, sometimes called video scribes.  Video scribing is a type of animated doodling that illustrates characters, scenes and objects. When used with voiceover and/or music, white board animation is one of the most cost effective ways to communicate your story through video. Plus these videos can actively engage your audience to any message, in part because they show a hand drawing the animation.

My whiteboard animation services include writing the script, designing the storyboard, creating whiteboard animation, choreographing music, adding voiceover and producing the finished mp4 high definition video.

Highlights of my video experience include:

  • They Sneered When I Shared My Idea…But When I Showed the Results!-” is a whiteboard animation video I created to promote my services. This is an example of the many types of video scribes I can produce for you. Click here to see the whiteboard animation video.
  • “The Evolution of the Orange Box” – a video on the first thirty years of The Home Depot presented at a major convention in Las Vegas to illustrate the amazing growth of one of America’s most successful companies. The Home Depot is one of the thirty companies that make up the Dow Industrial Average since 1999. Click here to see video.
  • Liposuction commercial for Dr. Goodnight, a cosmetic surgeon, played an E! and other cable stations. Click here to see video.
  • DVD videos: Industrial vehicle parts and services promotional video for Roberts & Son family of businesses including DoneWell. Plus I produced a series of DVD videos on diet, weight loss and health and wellness. Click here to see video.

Get results on your next video or audio project.

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Brochures & Product Monographs

Make Your Brochures Come Alive

Brochures and product monographs are vital for promoting your products and services. They often provide important background information to educate your audience. Today your brochures and monographs can be produced in both electronic and print formats.

Here are a few examples of my work:

  • Arize!: this uniquely designed brochure promoted the sales of a new product for jet lag. It was distributed to retail stores in airports and hotels plus travel agencies. The result was national distribution in a few months in airports, major hotel chains such as the Ritz Carlton, Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott, and select travel agencies. Click here for promotion samples for Arize!
  • Virazole: this brochure I wrote helped to raise awareness of office based physicians to the risk, diagnosis and early treatment of respiratory syncytial virus, a deadly pediatric respiratory disease. Click here to see Virazole brochure.
  • Koate DVI Brochure: I wrote the copy to reintroduce the lifesaving hemophilia product to professionals involved with prescribing and distributing the product. This resulted in an increase in number of patients treated and associated sales of the product. Click here to see brochure for Koate DVI.
  • Koate DVI Monograph: Talecris – the manufacturer – used this monograph I wrote to provide physicians, pharmacists and other scientists with the science and research behind their lifesaving drug for hemophilia. Click here to see product monograph for Koate DVI.

Get results on your next brochure or monograph project.

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Content Marketing

Broadcast Your Credibility With Quality Content

Content marketing – particularly for B2B marketers – is hot. You’ve come to the right copywriter to help you ride the top of the wave of this new marketing trend. I have the skills and experience to write compelling content for you. These include:

  • Success stories (formerly called case studies)
  • White papers
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Social Media

Examples of my work include:

  • Wagner Meters: I wrote copy for a white paper on ASTM F2170 relative humidity testing – the new global standard for measuring concrete moisture before installation of flooring.
  • I7 Marketing: I ghost-write blogs, reports and e-books for i7 Marketing, an online marketing agency. The blogs are about different topics in marketing strategy with an emphasis on online marketing trends. See some of the blogs I ghost write here. Click to learn more about my writing services for blogs and ebooks.
  • Demand Media: I wrote over 1,000 articles on health, wellness and nutrition for this leading social media company. They published the articles on their LiveStrong website. Read some of my health articles here. Learn more about my content writing services for health and medicine here.
  • eHow: I also filmed and edited  “how-to” videos on outdoor camping and flooring for eHow, a division of Demand Media. See some of these videos here. Learn more about my services here.

Get results on your next content marketing project.

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Product Catalog Copy

Selling Your Products Through Catalogs Starts With Persuasive Copy

Writing copy for product catalogs is an art. I specialize in writing headlines and short body copy that can make a big and quick impact on your readers. Here are a few examples of my work:

  • The Home Depot: I wrote plenty of copy for The Home Depot product catalogs. These included catalog guides on eco-friendly products and other products that included energy-saving appliances, flooring, doors, paint, gardening, electrical and more.
  • Dartell: the nutrition supplement guide contains product information I wrote for chiropractors and alternative health professionals. Click here to see Dartell catalog cover and ad.
  • Nutri-Dyn: this catalog contains product information on nutritional supplements, some that included glandulars and other exotic ingredients. Click here to see cover of Nutri-Dyn product catalog.

Get results on your next product catalog project.

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Health & Medical Content

Hire a Copywriter With Expertise in Medicine

I specialize in writing content on health, medicine and nutrition. The content can be promotional or educational to either professional or consumer audiences.

I’m an alumnus of Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons – Institute of Human Nutrition. So my expertise in medicine and nutrition includes various disciplines and research.

These include:

  • Biological psychiatry and mental health disorders
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Obesity and weight loss
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep
  • Neurology
  • Immunology
  • Diet and supplements
  • Much more…

See some of my writings on health and nutrition to consumers below:

Get results on your next health and medical writing project.

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Copywriting Services That Deliver Sales

The words you present to your audience can determine if they buy from you. So trust your copywriting to a writer you can trust.

All it takes is one project with Jeff Traister to know you’ve got a winner. So call Jeff for your next marketing project. And hear your audience applaud you with greater purchases.

Get results on your next project.

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http://www.traistercreative.com Jeff Traister Your Superhero For Copywriting That Sells