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You’re in good company when you ask Jeff Traister to write your copy. Some of the biggest and most successful global B2C and B2B companies in many industries…as well as start-ups…call on my services when they need copywriting that sells. Shouldn’t you?

Here Are Some of the Industries and Clients I Serve For My Copywriting Services:

Advertising & Internet Marketing

One Big Idea Can Take Your Campaign To New Heights

After a decade of marketing management experience, I began my official copywriting career with the largest global advertising agency in the world – Interpublic. Once I climbed to the creative side of the fence I never looked back. Here are a few of the advertising agencies I’ve worked with to create copy.

  • Interpublic – Lowe McAdams: I developed the strategy and created copy for a major client – Roche – that included the pre-marketing launch of Xenical, one of the first drugs for obesity.
  • Schawk!:  This retail marketing agency is among the leading global advertising agencies in the world. And I’ve written copy for some of their clients including The Home Depot, DIRECTV and GE Money.
  • I7 Marketing: I write blogs and other compelling content to help i7 promote their digital marketing services. Plus I write copy for their clients too, including for websites, email letters and whitepapers.
  • Impact Unlimited: I wrote creative strategy bulletins to help the exhibit and live event global agency present compelling ideas to close deals with prospective clients in the biopharmaceutical industry, earning millions of dollars in new project revenues.
  • Alden Image: I wrote copy for Alden Image and their client Talecris, a biotechnology company once part of Bayer.

If you are an advertising or digital marketing agency, call me to write persuasive copy for you and your clients. I can create a big idea that can help you earn giant dollars. Plus I’ll write copy that sells your client’s products and services. I’m reliable and meet deadlines!

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Introducing a Copywriter With Healthcare Expertise

Healthcare is my specialty. My experience spans the healthcare services, clinical laboratory, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and nutraceutical sectors of the healthcare industry.

I’m an alumnus of Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons. So I gained my expertise in medical science from the best researchers in the world.

Yet my craft in copywriting is all about merging strategic and creative ideas that induce an emotional response in your audience – whether they are patients, doctors, nurses, pharmacists or managed care plans.

  • Center for Trauma Counseling: I developed the website for Center for Trauma Counseling, a community-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is licensed in Florida and serves residents of Palm Beach County who suffer from symptoms and disorders associated with trauma-related events and experiences. I wrote the copy for the entire website and other promotional campaigns. Plus I provide public relations services.
  • Kimberly-Clark Healthcare: I developed and wrote the global marketing position statements for this global leader in medical devices and clinical solutions for digestive health. I also created copy for their website, online advertising and direct mail and email letters on a medical device to deliver nutrition to patients unable to consume food. It was part of a marketing campaign to various types of doctors. The copy I wrote helped to increase product sales worldwide.
  • MDnet Solutions; I created the marketing position statement and copy for the company website. This content helped to increase clients and sales for their patient care management system.
  • James Goodnight M.D.: I created promotion and educational videos and DVD’s that this leading aesthetic facial cosmetic surgeon used to attract and retain patients. The series of DVD videos were on fitness, healthy cooking and weight loss diet. I also created a cable television advertisement on his liposuction procedure and wrote copy for the company website. These creative services helped to increase the number of patients and procedures per patient that translated into additional revenues for the healthcare practice.
  • Roche: For this research-focused healthcare company, I wrote the copy for an advertisement on obesity, a monograph and a digital presentation with video on the clinical risk factors of obesity. The objective was to get managed care plans and insurers to recognize obesity as a disease. As a result, soon after the FDA approved Xenical© – a new drug to treat people who were overweight when used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet – some insurers included the drug on its formulary.
  • Talecris: I wrote copy for a brochure and product monograph for Koate DVI©, a biotechnology product that saves lives among people with hemophilia. This led to increased sales while competing with advanced biotechnology derived treatments on the market from larger competitors.
  • Pfizer: At the time Pfizer’s top selling drug – Norvasc© for high blood pressure – had new competitive products gaining market share, so they needed a solution to keep sales growing. I conceived of a big idea to create an education program for nurses that would help them get patients increase compliance of the drug. This resulted in an upward growth of product sales and market share.

Years later I played a key role in developing the copy (script) for a video on neuropathic pain. This helped physicians to become more familiar with the neurological symptoms and risks associated with diabetes. Shortly afterwards, the FDA approved their new drug Lyrica with an indication for management of neurological pain associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy plus other medical conditions. The drug quickly became one of the top selling products in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • ICN Pharmaceuticals: One of the first companies to develop an antiviral drug, ICN received FDA approval for Virazole© in the treatment of Respiratory Syncytial Virus – a deadly pediatric respiratory disease if left untreated in some patients. I created several advertisements, brochures and other marketing communication to educate doctors on early diagnosis. This contributed to record annual sales of the drug.
  • Neurim Pharmaceuticals: I wrote the business plan and marketing communication for this Israeli start-up venture. The company developed a proprietary sustained release formulation of melatonin for sleep called Circadin©, a device to assess quality and quantity of sleep and a blood test to measure levels of a metabolite associated with melatonin production in the brain. Circadin©is commercially available for treatment of insomnia in Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.
  • Aatron Medical Services: I helped to launch this new venture making it the first clinical laboratory to specialize in amino acid analysis. I wrote the marketing and physician education materials to promote the company. Demand for services quickly ramped up resulting in seven figure sales.

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Nutritional Supplements

Vitalize Your Marketing With Persuasive Copy

My strongest area of science expertise involves nutrition. In fact my career began in various marketing management and executive level positions in the nutrition supplement industry. Here’s some of my copywriting experience with nutrition supplements.

  • Promisia: I developed a strategic plan to launch Arthrem in the United States. ArthremTM is a standardized herbal extract of Artemisia annua developed, manufactured and distributed by Promisia in New Zealand. I also developed a full marketing automation system including automated webinars to convert leasds into customers and generate repeat orders and referrals. Plus I wrote the copy/script for email letters, sales letter, video sales letter, advertisements, webinars and more.
  • LifeWell: I launched two new melatonin products. One of these products was called Mellodream, a supplement that helps you sleep better and wake up refreshed. LifeWell sold the product through direct-to-consumer marketing. I wrote the copy for the product label and packaging, direct response advertising, magazine inserts and direct mail. The results exceeded sales projections.The other product was called Arize!. This was the first branded product for jet lag. I wrote the copy for the packaging and promotional materials. In less than six months the product was in airport stores and leading hotel chains across the United States. Many stores placed the product next to the cash register to capitalize on the impulse buy.
  • SPI Nutritionals: After SPI acquired seven brands of nutrition supplements, I wrote the copy for new product labels and packaging for seven brands comprised of over 500 products. these brands included Dartell and Nutri-Dyn. Plus I wrote the copy for print advertisements and brochures for both consumer and professional audiences.
  • Tyson & Associates: Tyson was the first company to market pharmaceutical grade amino acids to physician and consumer markets. I wrote copy for the product labels and packaging, trade show and event promotions and presentations, advertising, and educational materials. The company more than doubled its sales following the creation of this marketing communication.

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Health Food

Energize Your Marketing Communication With Less Copy-Fat

My passion in life is health and wellness. This starts with eating healthy foods. My copywriting experience with health foods involves start-up companies that I helped get off the ground.

  • Go Bites: I wrote the copy for Go Bites website, helping the start-up company launch a new line of snack food products available online. Go Bites today is a successful ecommerce venture.
  • Cui Watermelon Drink: Why didn’t anyone market watermelon juice drink before? That’s what I asked when meeting the founders of Cui Watermelon Drink in their first year of operations. I assisted their growth by writing their business plan to help them raise capital from investors and the Small Business Administration to expand the growth of their business.

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Explore New Possibilities With a Copywriter That Sells

I consulted the best minds in the travel industry to launch a unique product for vacation and business travelers. At first they expressed skepticism of the product. You see – I had the challenge of marketing a new product in a new product category from a new unheard of company to merchandisers that had no experience selling such a product. Yet after my persuasive letter and presentation, they supported the sale of the product enabling it to succeed faster than planned. See the highlights below.

  • LifeWell: Jet lag is a problem many travelers face when flying over several time zones. Yet there hadn’t been a product for it until I helped to launch a new product called Arize!©

I wrote the copy for the product label and packaging, promotional letters, post card with sound chip of an airplane taking off, unique style brochure, PR and other marketing communication. The result was national distribution of the product in retail stores in airports and hotels, including the Ritz Carlton, Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott. In fact, the copy convinced many store owners to place the product by the cash register to boost sales from impulse buying.

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Motivational Speaking & Coaching

Reach Your Goals With Marketing Communication Created for Peak Performance
There are not many things more powerful than motivation. Having the right persuasive copy can help you get your message across to your audience. See samples of email letters I write under the latest news section of the home page of Walter Bond’s website.
  • Walter Bond Motivational Speaker and Coach: I write three series of weekly email letters that promote Walter Bond coaching services for entrepreneurs.

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Get Your Content Read With New Copy by Jeff Traister

Publishing information and entertainment is a global venture. Selling your publications begins with a copywriter that can romanticize your content and sell it to your audience. Some of my publishing experience includes:

  • Elsevier: The global publisher of science and medical information challenged me with the goal to develop the world’s first and only database of drug production. They were selling subscriptions to the website to investors and managers in the healthcare industry. I played a big role in the project by writing the copy for the website.

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Great Copy Can Earn You Applause…and Sales

Selling entertainment products and services is an art. So why not hire a copywriter with passion for what you see. I have passion for movies, theater, music, sports and more. Here is an example of my experience in the entertainment industry.

  • DIRECTV: The leader in satellite television and entertainment created a marketing campaign to boost subscriptions to its services prior to the football season. I wrote the copy of an advertisement used to promote their services. This led to an increase in subscriptions to their services, including their premium package for football.

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Home Improvement

Improve Your Sales Results With Persuasive Copy

Home improvement is big business…even at the time of a recession. My experience in writing copy for the home improvement industry includes:

  • The Home Depot: As part of the advertising team for The Home Depot – the leader in home improvement and second largest “big box” retailer – I wrote the copy for national and regional advertisements. These generated billions of dollars in annual sales.  Plus I conceived the idea and wrote the script for a video that comprised their first 30 years of impressive growth.
  • Demand Media: I filmed and edited a series of “how-to” videos on flooring starring Eric Barany that Demand Media published on its eHow website.

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When Selling Your Product Involves Multiple Decision Makers, Start With One Copywriter

I have experience writing copy for architects, engineers, general contractors and installers. This experience includes:

  • Wagner Meters: For the leader in relative humidity meters to measure concrete moisture, I wrote their white paper, website copy for a microsite and email letters.

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Heighten Your Marketing ROI With Great Copy

Selling financial products and services in a competitive industry requires an edge. There is no better way to increase the slope of your sales curve than with a persuasive writer. Here is some of the experience I have in the financial services industry:

  • GE Money: General Electric has a financing division that provides retailers with options to offer financing to their customers, such as Brooks Brothers. I wrote a series of “in-store” advertisements promoting their credit card. As a result these ads helped to generate new sales.
  • Indicator Warehouse: Indicator Warehouse is an online day-trading service. I write email copy for Indicator Warehouse to persuade traders to buy new educational products and services on day-trading.

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Vroom Cha-Ching is the Sound of Sales From Persuasive Copy

Selling automotive products and services starts with persuasive copy that gets your audience to hear the sound of their car running normal. So why not have a professional copywriter that can make the sound of your products and services come alive  whenever your audience reads the copy in your marketing communication.

  • Roberts & Son: Roberts & Son and their family of businesses – including Done Well Trailer and Body – serve the truck and industrial market. Roberts & Son specializes in remanufacturing of starters and alternators, whereas Done Well provides vehicle maintenance services. I produced, filmed and edited a series of videos to help them promote their products and services.

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Outspeed Your Competition Online With Copy That Sells

I’m a veteran of the Internet industry starting back in the ‘90’s. Here is some of my experience working with Internet and technology companies.

  • Internet Tradeline: This early stage entrepreneurial company had established its place in the Internet industry as one of the first to develop a turn-key ecommerce solution for small and medium sized businesses. Plus it partnered with over 300 newspapers and other media organizations. I wrote their business plan and worked with the Bank of New York to secure $20 million from venture capital firms. At the same time I closed strategic alliance deals with banks, credit card companies and organizations involved with wireless technology, fulfillment, shipping and other ecommerce related activities. As a result, these deals more than doubled the market capitalization of the company to over $100 million.

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Copywriting Services Tailored For Your Needs

It takes a special copywriter with a skill to integrate strategy and creative to develop the right marketing message for your company.  When you work with Jeff Traister you’ll join the many clients who have trusted their copywriting to this unique writer.

So call Jeff Traister for your next marketing project. You’ll get a writer who can come up with a BIG IDEA and tailor the copy to fit your company needs. So the number of your customers can grow and your sales can go higher.

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