Introducing Jeff Traister

Read the Bio of a Renaissance Man Turned Copywriter

Hi. I’m Jeff Traister.

I seek to be the best in my craft as a copywriter. Like the most dedicated professional artists and athletes, I practice my craft every day. So when you call me for a project, my mind in polished. And my fingers are ready to type great ideas to help you sell your products and services. Jeff Traister Your Superhero For Copywriting That Sells

Persistent Practice Leads To Success

I began my profession as a copywriter with training from some of the world’s best teachers. And I still strive to learn from the most successful writers. That’s why I’m a member of the American Writers and Artists. This is the world’s leading organization for professional copywriters.

I continue to train to excel at my craft. Each year I enroll in AWAI’s first-class programs to perfect my writing skills. The training programs I’ve completed include:

  • Video Sales Letters by Clayton Makepeace
  • AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, by Michael Masterson, Paul Hollingshead, Don Mahoney, et al.
  • Email Copy Made Easy (Auto-responders) by Jay White
  • B2B Copywriting by Steve Slaunwhite
  • Wealthy Web Writer by Rebecca Matter

Plus I’m a member of the Professional Writer’s Alliance. This is a group of leading copywriters who trail-blaze the field with new ideas.

A Renaissance Man Educated in the Arts, Entrepreneurship, Science & Technology

I became a copywriter after a strong college education. President Henry Koffler of the University of Arizona called me a “Renaissance Man.” He applauded my quest in various fields of study when I was a top-ten finalist for the university’s first-ever homecoming king.

My educational highlights include:

  • BA in General Studies with Honors. The focus of my studies were:
    • Creative Writing and Chemistry from the University of Arizona.
    • Drama at the University of California at Irvine.
    • Plus years later I trained in digital filmmaking at the New School in New York.
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship.
    • The Association for Corporate Growth – a leading organization comprised of business leaders – awarded me a full tuition scholarship to the Entrepreneurial Studies program at the University of Arizona’s Karl Eller Center for the Study of the Private Market Economy. At the time it was the top rated entrepreneurial studies program in the U.S..
    • My training focused on how to develop a viable business plan. I gained expertise in competitive strategy from the publicatons of Michael Porter. He’s a top professor at Harvard Business School.
    • I also studied under Joseph Newman, Ph.D., a pioneer of consumer behavior research. This field finds the underlying factors that lead to purchase decisions. These factors include consumer wants, needs, motivation, fear, etc. I apply my expertise of this psychology throughout my copywriting services.
  • M.S. Human Nutrition and Medicine
    • I’m an alumnus of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons – Institute of Human Nutrition.
    • I studied under the tutelage of some of the world’s leading scientists. As a result, I gained expertise in medicine and many disciplines. This included diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.
    • I recently wrote and published over 1,000 articles on health. Demand Media published these articles on their LiveStrong website.
    • Plus I spoke at many events nationwide to both professional and consumer audiences. This included appearances on radio as a guest of physician hosts.


Professional Experience on Both Sides of the Advertising Fence

My professional experience began in marketing management on the client-side of the advertising fence. Then one day I climbed over to the creative agency side. And I’ve been serving clients ever since.

Client-Side Marketing Management Experience

My client-side experience includes progressive leadership roles in product and marketing management. I played key roles in the launch of several new products and ventures – mostly in the nutrition supplement and pharmaceutical industries. This included product development, packaging, distribution and advertising. I wrote copy for product labels, packaging and advertising for many of these products. Some of my biggest achievements included:

  • Development and promotion of Tryptoplex© and Catemine© – nutrition products to enhance mood and aid sleep; this more than doubled company sales in the first year
  • Gaining national distribution of Arize!© – the first branded product for jet lag
  • Direct marketing of Mellodream© – a consumer health product for sleep
  • Record sales from the marketing of Virazlole© – an anti-viral drug that treats a pediatric respiratory infectious disease
  • Creation of over 500 product labels and packaging for SPI Nutritionals – a global nutrition supplement company comprised of seven brands
  • Developed and wrote business plan to raise >$20 million in pre-IPO mezzanine financing for Internet Tradeline, an Internet company
  • $100 million market capitalization of new venture as a result of new strategic alliances with financial service, Internet, wireless technology and media companies that included access to over 400,000 new customers

Creative Agency Side Service Experience

My creative/agency-side experience includes varied types of projects for clients in the healthcare, home improvement, construction, automotive, entertainment, financial and other industries. These experiences include:

  • Pre-launch strategy of Xenical© – one of the world’s first drugs for obesity. This included writing the copy for an advertisement to get managed care plan to recognize obesity as a medical condition. I also wrote copy for a monograph and a digital presentation with video on the clinical risk factors of obesity.
  • Reintroduction of Koate-DVI© – a biotechnology product to sustain the life of people with hemophilia. I wrote copy for a brochure and product monograph
  • Provided business intelligence and developed creative strategies for Impact Unlimited and their pharmaceutical prospects and clients. Impact Unlimited is an exhibit and live event global agency.
  • Developed creative ideas and copy as part of Schawk! retail marketing agency in serving clients such as The Home Depot, DIRECT TV and GE Money. My ideas and copywriting contributed to the billions of dollars in annual sales for these clients.
  • Writing blogs, educational and promotional content for an online marketing agency. This includes writing copy for a white paper, website and email letters for its top client.


My Passions Accentuate My Ability to Serve Your Company

I’m passionate about health and wellness, including organic foods and nutritional supplements. Eating right and staying well nourishes my brain and body. So I’m fully able each day to serve my clients with energy and fresh ideas. Jeff Traister Your Superhero For Copywriting That Sells

I enjoy being outside in nature – relaxing on the beach or hiking places such as the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Arizona and the Appalachian trail. Being outdoors is where I get many of my brilliant ideas. Then when returning home I’m able to download ideas from my brain to my digital canvas – otherwise known as my computer.

I love the arts. I listen to many types of music that include rock n roll, new age, classical, Latin and Brazilian jazz. I’m especially passionate about the cinema and love to watch independent films that have a well-written dramatic story. And I enjoy seeing live theatrical events that include plays, the opera, symphonies and rock concerts. The arts inspire my writing skills, giving me the inspiration to go beyond any boundaries and create something never done before.


Serving Clients Worldwide from My Home in Palm Beach Florida

I live in the Palm Beach area of South Florida and serve clients worldwide. Though, I’m not from here. I’m a native New Yorker and grew up in the city. I spent my teenage summers in southern California and eventually moved there. I also lived in Tucson, Arizona, Northern New Jersey and Atlanta, Georgia. So I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with people of different cultures and backgrounds in different parts of this great country. This helps me in my writing to various target audiences for my clients.


Now That You Know Who I Am, Call Me So I Can Learn About You

I’d be glad to work with you and help you achieve your goals. I can create a new idea on how to engage your audience. Plus, I can write persuasive copy to compel them to buy your products and services. This can include:

  • Video sales letter to boost your response rates and revenues
  • Email auto-responders to follow up with your website visitors and get them to return and buy from you
  • Website copy to get your visitors excited they’ve come to the right company
  • Content marketing, such as success stories, white papers and blogs to build your company credibility in your industry
  • Advertising copy to create awareness of your products and services

Whatever it is, I’m confident you’ll appreciate the quality of my work and enjoy working together.

Trust your copywriting to me.

To Your Sales Growth,

Jeff Traister

Your Source for Writing That Sells!

P.S. Why crawl when you can fly?

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