When You Invite Jeff Traister on Your Team You’ll Get a Writer With Super Selling Powers to Skyrocket Your Sales to New Heights!

Hi. I’m Jeff Traister.

I write copy that sells. I serve companies and organizations worldwide from my home in Jupiter, Florida. When you have me on your team, I’ll write copy that sells your products and services. I’ll promote your brand and increase the value of your brand equity.

A Copywriter That Fits Your Needs Is A Phone Call Away

When you invite me on your team, you’ll get a writer who’ll be a good fit for your company…

…An AWAI Trained Direct Marketing Copywriter Who Will Boost Your Response Rates

Unlike some other copywriters, I’m an American Writers and Artists trained writer in direct marketing copy, video sales letters, email auto-responders and B2B copy. AWAI is the world’s preeminent organization for professional copywriters. This means:

• You’ll get a copywriter to deliver results that beat out your controls.

• You’ll get someone on your team who understands how to create full promo packages.

• You’ll get a copywriter who can write long copy for your direct mail packages. These can include sales letter, lift note, buck slip, order device, magalog and more.

• You’ll get a copywriter who will write persuasive copy for your landing pages, squeeze pages, sales letters and order forms. This copy closes sales. Plus it supercharges your ecommerce revenues.

• You’ll also get a copywriter who will write persuasive video sales letters that can boost your results even higher.

• Plus you’ll also get a copywriter who writes persuasive email letters and newsletters. These induce readers to learn more about your products and services online so they buy more.

…A Persuasive Sales Writer With Marketing Experience to Increase Your Market Share

Unlike some other copywriters I have over 30 years of real-world marketing experience. I write copy to sell healthcare, biopharmaceutical, nutrition, travel, home improvement, finance, construction, automotive, Internet and other types of products and services. See my portfolio for results.

When you invite me on your team, you’ll get a veteran copywriter.
A writer that knows how to write copy to attract readers,
incite them to read each word and compel them to act.
You’ll also get…

…A Marketing Guru Who Creates New Ideas That Brings Sales

Unlike most copywriters, I have experience creating novel ideas that generate a high ROI.

• I created a unique greeting card with persuasive copy and a sound chip of an airplane taking off. This idea turned cold prospects into hot customers who wanted our travel product at once. And it resulted in an amazing 4-digit ROI.

• I developed a novel concept for a tradeshow booth that attracted hundreds of physicians. And it had the marketing folks in the much bigger booth across the aisle scratching their heads. This was a David vs. Goliath idea. And we won the battle from the moment the tradeshow opened.

• I created an idea that used new media technology to get managed care plans to pay for a new weight loss product. It resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in new sales for my client.

• Plus I created video scripts for clients in the home improvement, cosmetic surgery, automotive and other industries. These videos added millions of dollars in sales for these clients.

Having a copywriter on your team who can write for and produce video can help you make even more sales than you’ve achieved.

You’ll Get a Persuasive Sales Writer With
Copywriting Training From The American Writers and Artists, and
an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing …

…Plus You’ll Get a Copywriter With
Experience in Advertising, eCommerce and Video

There’s more. I can also…

• Write killer copy for your website that compels visitors to buy your products and services.

• Create unique concepts and slogans for your ads.

• Write email auto-responders to follow-up with your website visitors. These letters get your prospects to buy products and services from you before they buy from your competition.

• Write sales copy for your e-brochures. This copy delivers big results from a few words.

• Write newsletters to keep your customers excited to buy your services.

• Write white papers to educate your audience and gain their interest in your products.

• Write success stories about some of your best customers. This will breed new customers.

• Write video scripts that engage your audience and compel them to buy from you.

That’s not all…

Hear What Others Say About My Talent

“Jeff Traister and his marketing firm Traister Creative LLC enabled our healthcare organization to fully communicate the benefits of our services to prospective clients. He created a new WordPress website with persuasive copywriting and bold images and integrated it with a marketing automation system. The result is we are able to get website leads to opt-in and convert them into paying clients. Working with Jeff is a pleasure. He conceives new strategic ideas and creative solutions to challenging problems. I highly recommend him to any company in need of marketing services.” Helya Ortiz, President; Center for Trauma Counseling

“Jeff is imaginative, has the ability to think through to the end the potential benefits and pitfalls of the strategy at hand and is tenacious and focused on the task at hand. With these qualities he was able to develop a production, advertising and marketing strategy for his companies’ products and effectively bring them to market.”Larry Ross; Bressler, Amery & Ross

“Jeff impressed everyone with his “get the job done” work ethic, meeting objectives, deadlines and budgets. His honesty and integrity go without saying, and his organization skills and attention to detail are most noteworthy. Perhaps what impressed me the most was his willingness to explore new opportunities, especially in the new media arena. He was able to motivate an important client to produce an interactive program that effected significant revenue.” Robert T. Clough, Jr.; Triclinica

“It’s unusual to work with someone who remains creative and clear-headed in the wake of production difficulties, critical deadlines and legal headaches. Your leadership was constant, your enthusiasm encouraging and your direction clear and succinct…Even with a limited marketing budget, you consistently found ways to promote, gain national distribution and be recognized in a sea of multi-million dollar product launches. No new product launch is simple, not in today’s marketplace, but to be able to place your product in major hub airports around the country and have it move off the shelves with virtually no promotional dollars to support it, is true marketing savvy. Proof that you don’t need a hefty budget to get a new product to market. You probably could write a book or at the very least a good article on “How to launch a new product in today’s marketplace with a limited budget.” Faith Wozniak; Jouard Wozniak Advertising

Invite Me On Your Team

You’ll have a copywriter with proven skills and real-world experience when you invite me on your team. You’ll get an AWAI-trained copywriter eager to boost your response rates. So you can feel assured you’ll get quality copy you can rely on to meet your needs. And you’ll get a writer with the right attitude.

I’ll provide break-through ideas that will help you to get new business. Plus I’ll write copy that turns ordinary customers into bona fide loyal customers. This will build the value of your brand.

Call me at 561-228-1600 today. We can discuss how we can work together to create copy that will grow your customer base….and your sales.


Jeff Traister

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